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Yin Mat

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The Yin Mat is a luxurious surface offering pause and rest, inviting you to drop out of your busy mind and into your beautiful body. 


Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the Yin Mat is your body altar, the cornerstone of a yin practice, and a doorway to regulating your nervous system. 


The human body is not designed to sit on chairs and couches for long stretches of time. We are meant to squat, kneel, lay down, twist, and stretch throughout the day. This kind of fluid movement has endless benefits for our physical body but also shifts our nervous systems from fight/flight/freeze/appease/dissociate into a more regulated, grounded and centered frame of mind.


A consistent practice of self-regulation builds resilience and re-patterns our body-mind, empowering us to show up to our lives and this world from our wholeness.

Relaxing on the Yin Mat allows you to create meaningful change in how you interpret and respond to the world. As your body intuitively unwinds and opens to what you feel, your mind will gently reveal inner resources, creative potential, and brand new possibilities.


Also, your calm state of mind is infectious! Your family/friends/roommates will want to join you in the decompression session which opens up the channels for co-regulation to naturally occur. Co-regulation is when one person's nervous system detects signals that the other person's system is relaxed and calm which naturally harmonizes their own. This term, co-regulation, is often used in the context of a child-parent relationship, where the child subconsciously detects signals of safety and calm in the parent, which allows their own system to regulate. The term, however, can be applied to people of all ages and relationships. Everyone's nervous system is built to detect subtle cues that inform us if the people around us feel safe or threatened - this has ensured the survival of our species. Knowing this amazing ability that our nervous systems have empowers us with the ability to support the people around us through our own self-regulation.

Isn’t infectious peace and calm exactly what this world needs right now? 

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Who is the Yin Mat for?

every body

The Yin Mat is for every body in every home.


Practitioners of Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra


Pause during your work day to regulate stress.

Retreat center

Offer your guests a truly luxurious experience.

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Use Your Yin Mat as:

  • A space for embodied soul care

  • The perfect surface for Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra

  • A platform for you to ease out of your head and into your body

  • A rejuvenating break from your computer

  • A beautiful and inviting spot for you to stretch, twist and decompress when returning from work, errands, driving kids around, walking the dog, a bike ride, etc…

Therapeutic Uses include:

​In place of a traditional cotton Shiatsu and Thai Massage mat, use a Yin Mat for:

  • Somatic Therapy

  • Energy Healing

  • Talk Therapy (to support embodied approaches such as re-patterning dysregulated nervous systems)

  • Transformational/Holotropic Breathwork

  • Guided Psychedelic Therapy

  • Feldenkrais Method

  • Many Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy exercises

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Sustainable Materials and Ethical Practices.

Every Yin Mat is crafted with comfort and sustainability in mind. 

The Yin Mat is in alliance with the earth - something that conscious yogis can feel good about.  The core is organic latex, a natural product made from the sap of rubber trees. We ensure that these products are free of chemical fertilizers, growth regulators and are carbon neutralized. The latex is derived from the sap of rubber trees and each tree naturally weeps 15 grams of latex daily. 


Natural latex holds its shape for decades. It is light and springy and doesn’t pack down or clump like cotton, supporting the contours of your body, distributing your weight, and bouncing back with just the right amount of buoyancy. 


Each Yin Mat is topped with exquisite faux fur covers (no animals were harmed!), hemp, bamboo velour, cotton and/or wool fabrics that are sewn by our team in North Carolina. Each cover is removable, machine-washable and able to be swapped for different styles.

Our affiliated programs: 

A portion of our profits go to the Himalayan Naari Collective, a women's self-help group based in a remote mountain village of India. Through selling their woolen crafts, the artisans are able to improve their families’ livelihood, health and well-being, intrinsically strengthening their communities as well. Learn more about Himalayan Naari here.

We also provide a single moms (and dads) Yin Mat fund that loving customers can donate to if they have the means. We love to provide single parents with mats to give them a chance to regulate, and to model that to their kids, but also as a platform for harmonization for the whole family. If you are a single parent and would like to get on the list for a Mats for Moms please click here. If you would like to donate to the Mats for Moms fund please click here. Thank you both for being part of this circle!

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Perfect The #vanlife

The Yin Mat Is the ultimate mobile sleeping mat. Its unbeatable comfort, custom fit and sustainability make it the perfect companion for life on the road, camping and glamping.

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