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It's hard to understand the bliss of these mats unless you've been on one. These testimonials will help you get an idea:::


Nicole Colvin
Owner Rise Up Studio

"I adore my Yin Mat - it is divine!   I have used it in sacred ceremony as well as for Breathwork sessions.  It is super supportive for clients to relax more fully into their bodies and their breath.  Can't recommend enough!  Such a great investment for any healing practices or spaces."

deb yin photo_edited.jpg

Deb Calkin
Middle School Teacher

“I LOVE MY YIN MAT!!! It is such an incredible spot for peace and calmness. The top quality materials are so comfortable and inviting. Mine is covered with the tundra wolf faux fur and it's so soft and luxurious! Here are a few of the many ways that I use my Yin Mat…

- To chill out, meditate and relax.. Inside or out, in a class or at home.

- I love to sit on the floor to work, and my Yin Mat makes it so much more comfortable.

- I have been teaching elementary school for over 25 years, and the Yin Mat provides the perfect spot for overstimulated kiddos to “chill out” and de-escalate. They can roll themselves up in it for deep pressure, or just lie and feel the softness of the fur.”

Yin Mat for Self Care

Seth Chatfield
Producer, Director

“My yin mat is my home base for self-care. It’s amazing for yoga, wonderful for elegant naps and will threaten to replace your couch as a go-to multipurpose furniture item. Taking a road trip? Throw it in the car and take a luxury bed with you. I loved mine so much, I bought a second one about a month later. Can’t possible recommend anything more than the yin mat.” 

mats for moms!_edited.jpg

Katie Spalding
Mats for Moms Recipient

Dearest Sarah and mamas...I believe that in the stillness and sacred space we create for ourselves, there, we find our healing. My Yin Mat thru the Mats for Moms initiative was so timely, an element I needed as a supportive tool in creating simplicity and structured quiet in my life. This mat is my go-to anytime I feel off or notice incorrect breathing; a place for reset and emptying my mind. My Yin Mat also serves as my bed. I was doubtful on using this as an every-night sleeping bed but kept my heart open on the possibility. I have slept on this mat now for over 30 days and my quality of sleep is fully nourishing. I strongly recommend this versatile mat, getting creative with its many uses and using this as a stepping stone to strengthen your bedtime routine.
With love, Katie


Sam Bianchini
Yoga Instructor, Actor

I am so very in love with my yin mat. As someone that practices solely yin/restorative/yoga nidra, this mat is an absolute DREAM! I can't imagine ever going back to a sticky mat again!


Arian Deihim
Yoga Therapist

The yin mat is a revolutionary product! As a yoga therapist, I see it having many applications in yoga, Thai massage, and other therapies. It can be utilized both by professionals and at home. I love relaxing on my yin mat after a hard day rather than disappearing into a lumpy couch. It encourages me to stretch and align instead of being totally sedentary. Would highly recommend!

willow rockstar yin mat.HEIC

Stephen Johnson
Sales Engineer

As a work from home father it has been nearly impossible to find a way to escape and relax on my short breaks from the computer and parenting. I was told about the Yin Mat and immediately purchased, it has truly changed my life mentally and physically. Not only is a great surface to just lay on and escape onto a cloud of bliss but also an amazing surface for stretching my back and grounding my body. My daughter has also enjoyed this as much as I have, she has been doing her yoga and relaxation time on the Yin Mat, now I will be purchasing a second one for her, It's a tough thing to share and not keep to yourself!

I HIGHLY recommend this product.


Shannon Davis

For a work-from-home mom of an amazing kid with some sensory processing struggles, Rah's yin mat is absolutely goddess-sent. I use this mat daily -- whether it's for self-care for myself when I need grounding (or a nap!) or a quiet cozy space to meditate or gentle support while I'm working. I also use it with my child when he's overstimulated from a long day and we need to spend a few moments regulating. And it's so versatile, too! We've hauled our yin mat outside with us for backyard campouts; we've plopped it in front of the tv with popcorn and blankets for snuggly family movie nights. I regularly have to shoo my old dog off of it when I want to use it -- it's so gentle on the joints. It’s become a cherished piece of furniture in our home. So worth the investment.

sound as a pound.jpeg

Marcus Reed
Sound Healer

"As a sound healing guide, the Yin Mat has become an indispensable tool in my practice, elevating the experience for both myself and my students. The synergy between the healing vibrations of sound and the nurturing support of the mat creates a truly transformative journey.

The moment my students settle onto the Yin Mat, a sense of comfort and serenity embraces them. The luxurious cushioning and gentle embrace of the mat allow them to fully surrender into the healing vibrations, enhancing the depth and quality of their experience.

The mat's exceptional thickness and density provide optimal support, enabling my students to lie comfortably for extended periods. This is crucial during sound healing sessions where relaxation and immersion are essential. The mat's plush surface ensures their bodies are cradled, promoting a state of deep relaxation and receptivity to the healing frequencies.


Jessica Nelson
Owner: Riverstone Yoga Studio

As a studio owner incorporating Sarah’s Yin Mats has made such a positive impact on our community! Our studio is based on the idea that living a mindful life and incorporating mindful action into your life will not only make your life better but ultimately will ripple out into the world and make the world a better place for us all. And the best place that we can start to learn how to do that is by taking good care of ourselves, and that is exactly what Yin Mats promote… self care and well-being!

The Yin Mats have played a such a big role in enhancing the experience of yoga, meditation, sound healing and weekend workshops at our studio. As each student comes through our door and has the chance to incorporate a yin mat into their experience, they get to explore a deeper level of stress-relief, personal growth and overall well-being. All of which are so important in today’s intense and fast paced world. We love that Sarah’s Yin Mats remind us it’s ok to slow down and take the time to nurture ourselves! I am so glad we are able to offer that added bit of support to our community! Thank you Sarah!With love, Katie


Toni Nagy
Owner: Sidestream Studio

the yin mat is the best thing that ever happened to my yoga practice! It's stunning, lovely, comfortable, and helps me reach a deeper level of relaxation I never dreamed possible


Heather Chadinha
Yoga Instructor

I bring my mat with me everywhere now! It’s heavenly! From the floor to the yard, for yoga or naps on picnic tables. A must have for camping or a less than comfortable guest room situation. The yin mat always creates a happy, peaceful space. This is the best self love gift for those of you who want to “treat yo self!”


Katy McLaughlin
Massage Therapist

My yin mat is the most groovy, sensational thing I own! And it’s truly been a piece that has held me sweetly through difficult times, like a comfort blanket but from underneath. An element of “mother” in cozy form.


Brianna Edmonds
CEO Saga Monadnock

The amount of stress and fatigue that pours out of my body and back into the Earth to restore when I lay down on my Yin Mat for ten minutes is worth more than any possible monetary value. We don't realize how much we are carrying in our bodies. Sitting or laying down to "rest" on a couch, chair, or any piece of furniture does nothing to physically and mentally release in the way that a Yin Mat does in a matter of minutes. After I stand up, it's instantly begging me to come lay back down!

nadine and me.jpg

Nadine Laughlin APRN,

As an APRN focusing on chronic illness care, I speak of 'feminine medicine' - the healing power of yin dynamics - and how urgently needed this is in the world of health care.
This is the beauty and brilliance of Sarah's work.
Sarah has a remarkable gift for envisioning and creating healing spaces and experiences, and she is devoted to that calling.
She has a deeply developed understanding of yin yoga and holistic healing, and a warm, playful, compassionate, radiant spirit.
Sarah shares this in her private practice Sacredly Sustained, and in her beautiful creations The Yin Lounge and Yin Mats.
The Yin Mat is much more than a yoga mat.
It's a gorgeous lush affirmation of the power of healing spaces, within and around us.
Her beautiful mats naturally invite us to find, sink into, and explore our own sacred healing landscape.
Caring for ourselves and one another in "the yin lounge" is very soulful, very good medicine.

Nadine Laughlin, APRN - Monadnock Mind Body Medicine

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