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See what people are saying about their Yin Mats


Nicole Colvin
Owner Rise Up Studio

"I adore my Yin Mat - it is divine!   I have used it in sacred ceremony as well as for Breathwork sessions.  It is super supportive for clients to relax more fully into their bodies and their breath.  Can't recommend enough!  Such a great investment for any healing practices or spaces."

deb yin photo.jpeg

Deb Calkin
Middle School Teacher

“I LOVE MY YIN MAT!!! It is such an incredible spot for peace and calmness. The top quality materials are so comfortable and inviting. Mine is covered with the tundra wolf faux fur and it's so soft and luxurious! Here are a few of the many ways that I use my Yin Mat…

- To chill out, meditate and relax.. Inside or out, in a class or at home.

- I love to sit on the floor to work, and my Yin Mat makes it so much more comfortable.

- I have been teaching elementary school for over 25 years, and the Yin Mat provides the perfect spot for overstimulated kiddos to “chill out” and de-escalate. They can roll themselves up in it for deep pressure, or just lie and feel the softness of the fur.”

review seth photo.jpeg

Seth Chatfield
Producer, Director

“My yin mat is my home base for self-care. It’s amazing for yoga, wonderful for elegant naps and will threaten to replace your couch as a go-to multipurpose furniture item. Taking a road trip? Throw it in the car and take a luxury bed with you. I loved mine so much, I bought a second one about a month later. Can’t possible recommend anything more than the yin mat.” 

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