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Meet Sarah Aborn, HHP
Founder & Creatrix of Yin Mat

Sarah Aborn is a Holistic Health Practitioner with over two decades of experience weaving somatic therapy, coaching, bodywork, and classical Tantrik Yoga to help people befriend themselves and find peace in their bodymind. She is the founder and caretaker of SHAKTI Healing Arts in Peterborough NH, and the author of Uplevel: Self Healing Workbook.


As a Holistic Health Practitioner for more than 25 years, I know that my clients don’t stick to a regular self care practice for two reasons: they feel that they don’t have the space or time for it. I also know that if we make the physical space to get out of our heads and into our bodies, and when we carve out even a small amount of time for that plug-in, we become more grounded, focused, centered, and clear, opening up expansive swaths of time we wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.


Today's world encourages us to “grind,” while our phones and computers keep us lodged in our heads. We don’t create zones in our homes and offices for self-regulation, and our nervous systems are triggered by a hurried, frenzied pace. We have become a people wrought with PTSD, chronic anxiety, autoimmune conditions, addictions and so much more. It has become critical that we have a spot to offload stress and replenish vitality. 


One common way we facilitate embodied self care is by rolling out a sticky, usually synthetic, yoga mat on a hard, cold floor. That is perfect for active postures and flows, but not very enticing for self-regulation and deeper healing.


The Yin Mat is a major upgrade to this antiquated and rather unappealing scenario, one that actually invites you to your daily practice on a beautiful, soft surface. It is your gateway—a gorgeous, nurturing zone from which to begin and end your yoga practice. Or, skip the yoga and head straight to the savasana. Or, drop in for a stretch session after coming in from a walk, errands, or your work day. Or, for quick sanity breaks from your computer. The possibilities become endless and deeply personal as you discover your own rhythm of self-care with a body altar that is always ready to hold you.


When folded into thirds, the Yin Mat transforms into a luxurious throne for meditation, perfectly supporting your lower body, and even providing cushioning under your ankles. It also looks great against the wall or brightening up a corner, folded in this way. 


Where the traditional sticky yoga mat says, “You must discipline yourself through hard work,” the Yin Mat says, “Come here, darling. Let me hold you and melt the bullsh*t right out of your precious body and mind. You work so hard. You deserve nourishment and sweetness. You are safe to surrender here. I got you.”


During our early developmental stages, I didn’t advertise. But every Yin Mat would sell as soon as I finished putting it together because clients, colleagues, and friends saw them, felt them, and had to have one. They reported back that it was a game changer. They found themselves spending way more time on the mat than they had anticipated because it allowed them to access creative flow states and tap into solutions and innovative ideas. Everyone who has purchased a Yin Mat has expressed how enormously helpful it has been in downshifting from the chaos of today’s world.


I have come to use my Yin Mat throughout the day, as needed, and as a bedtime ritual every night. Some nights I resist it and just want to crawl in bed and pass out, but I never regret it once I plop myself down on my Yin Mat and start stretching. The relief and expansion is immediate. There is so much release through my tissues, mind, emotions, and breath in these intuitive nighttime sessions which last anywhere from five minutes to 50, or more. I unwind and process everything that has been hanging around my body and subconscious before going to bed, which makes my sleep far better. It has become one of my favorite times of day. 


I always thought I didn’t have enough time, but allowing this yin touch-in creates space out of time; it gives me time because I sleep much more deeply and I am more efficient the next day. It also helps me sort through things that subtly distract me and siphon my attention and energy, so that I am much more grounded, present, and focused each day. It's an amazing platform on which to re-set myself ANY time of day.


The Yin Mat is a soft and wild extension of Mother Earth herself, the divine mother, ready to take you in her arms, cradle you, and help you replenish your tank. Resting and reposing in the soft, juicy feminine is the antidote to a society that has grown hard, cold and disconnected from self and others.


Everybody with a body will benefit from having a Yin Mat, including you, so I encourage you to reach out with any questions.


With love,


Image by Danilo Batista

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