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UPLEVEL Self Healing for Mothers: 
Holistic Self Care Workbook featuring EFT Tapping, Meditation and Classical Tantrik Yoga
Includes 19 links to video tutorials

UPLEVEL Self Healing for Mothers available on Amazon
Image by Adrien Olichon

UPLEVEL Self Healing for Mothers is a comprehensive program offering healing practices and prompts to deeply nourish you—body, mind and soul. Explore the ways your nervous system has wired itself for survival throughout your being as you introduce new patterns that align with your passions and purpose. This book is entirely for YOU as a multi-faceted, evidence based approach to remembering and reclaiming your powerful, wild wholeness. Coincidentally, this is the best thing you could do for your family. A full course within a workbook, UPLEVEL includes over four hours of video links, including a mini-course in Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT Tapping), several guided meditations, chanting, and other audiovisual content that brings these pages even more to life.

Parenting in a harmonious way requires a level of resilience and self worth that can be blocked by old programming running through the bodymind. This outdated programming once served to protect us and help us to get our basic human needs met (safety, belonging, dignity), but must be updated for us to step into the best version of ourselves. When we have children, we come face to face with our own inner child and her unresolved pain. These long compacted emotions that we have carried around deserve, and even require our attention, especially if we wish to turn the tide and break the generational trauma from being passed down the line.

It’s important that we do this re-wiring through the bodymind to make potent and lasting changes. The UPLEVEL formula blends ancient Tantrik practices with cutting edge techniques that work together to reconfigure neural networks and outdated beliefs that we have come to embody.

The UPLEVEL formula begins with establishing how you would like to show up in your body and life moving forward. We call this your embodied commitment. From there we:

  1. Increase awareness of habituated tendencies with kindness

  2. Practice unconditional self love and acceptance of everything we notice

  3. P A U S E ~ soften, breathe, center

  4. Come into embodied commitment

This formula is laid out in accordance with the elements, inviting a supportive partnership with mother earth. The modules are as follows:

  • EARTH: Plug in. Release. Receive Feminine Divine. Notice.

  • WATER: Relax. Accept. Allow. Appreciate.

  • FIRE: Alchemize! Strengthen Practices/Rituals. Empower!

  • WIND: Emanate Love. Release Expectations. Cultivate Non-Attachment.

  • SPACE: Find Stillness within Spaciousness. Access Oneness.

Speaking from personal experience, Sarah takes us through her own intense and painful experiences and shares how the methodologies found within this book were ultimately what brought her out of survive and into thrive. She guides the reader through a multi-level process of cleaning out old, embodied mental hard drives to make room for new files. There are plenty of resources available out there that teach us how to be better, more effective parents, but this book invites you to re-parent yourself while grounding into a daily practice that moves your body, unwinds emotions lodged into physical holding patterns, and engages your spirituality. Taking care of ourselves is a pre-requisite to authentically taking care of others in a balanced way.

UPLEVEL is the closest thing to an in-person healing retreat - and it's yours for a lifetime. With over four hours of video links presented with Sarah's calm voice and graceful presence, we are encouraged to revisit these meditations and techniques again and again. As the modules come to a close and our focus shifts from grounding practices to yogic philosophy, we are invited to embody the full spectrum of our awakened awareness in a way that deeply nourishes the sacred self.

Our beliefs lead to our actions and our actions dictate our reality.

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